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Valk confirms solar mounting for farm rooftops with spaced sheeting

Valk confirms solar mounting for farm rooftops with spaced sheeting

Van der Valk Solar Systems’ “ValkPitched Clamp” a suitable Mounting System for Solar PV Panels on Roofs with Spaced Sheeting.

Van der Valk Solar Systems is a renowned provider of innovative and reliable solar mounting solutions. With a focus on quality and sustainability, Van der Valk Solar Systems offers a wide range of mounting systems for various types of solar installations. Their products are designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance and durability in any environment.

The Irish government’s Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) has implemented specific requirements for mounting systems used in Solar PV panel installations on roofs with spaced sheeting within the agricultural sector. These requirements, outlined in section 4.2 of document S198 published by the Department of Agriculture in March 2022, aim to ensure the efficient and safe installation of solar arrays without compromising building ventilation.

Key requirements include maintaining an unobstructed gap of at least 150mm between the lowest part of the underside of the solar panel array and the top of the roof sheeting ridges. Additionally, a minimum unobstructed gap of 50mm is required between the edges of each solar panel in the array. The mounting of the array should utilize steel sections securely fixed to the purlins or rafters of the building, with the sizing of the steel sections taking into account site-specific structural and wind risks as well as the size of the solar array.

Addressing these stringent requirements, Van der Valk Solar Systems offers the “ValkPitched Clamp” mounting system that aligns with the installation guidelines set by TAMS. When using the correct components, including stainless steel hanger bolts for fixation to the roof structure (purlins or rafters), aluminum hanger bolt clamps to connect the hanger bolts to the mounting profiles, aluminum Side++ mounting profiles to support the panels, and aluminum panel clamps to fixate the panels, the “ValkPitched Clamp” system ensures compliance with the TAMS requirements.

For projects involving PV-systems on roofs with spaced sheeting, Van der Valk Solar Systems offers project-specific strength calculations. These calculations can be obtained by contacting and mentioning “spaced sheeting” in the subject line of the email. The required input parameters for the calculation include project location, terrain category, ridge height, roof pitch, roof structure material (wood or steel), dimensions and weight of the PV-panels, and system layout (panel orientation, number of rows, and number of panels per row).

The calculations adhere to relevant regulations, including EN 1990 Basis of Structural Design, EN 1991-1-3 Actions on Structures/Snow Load, EN 1991-1-4 Actions on Structures/Wind Load, and NEN 7250 Solar Systems – Integration in Roofs and Facades.

Van der Valk Solar Systems has extensively incorporated the results of wind tunnel studies into the product design and calculation tools for their mounting systems on pitched roofs. These studies have undergone meticulous scrutiny, ensuring that the application and interpretation of the findings align with the assumptions and conclusions presented in report WA 15328-IE-RA-002 (dated December 22nd, 2016) for pitched roofs.

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